Air transport

Air Freight

We provide airfreight solutions for customers whose merchandise are time critical.
We propose the quickest, safest & most flexible service at the best price for the customers’ satisfaction.


We have been providing a sustainable logistics solution mainly for the luxury fashion industry by helping the customers reduce their logistics lead time & costs, ensuring they will have achieved maximum time utilization enabling more time to focus on their core business because in fashion, every hour counts with seasonal garments, therefore, we consider it is our mission to provide the most efficient solution dependent on their cost budget and lead time allowance.


CN Logistics Japan, shares the enthusiasm behind promoting “Japanese food on the dining table of the world”. In accordance with the strategy of “FBI” (Made FROM/BY/IN JAPAN) by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the industry is aggressively promoting this strategy towards the world.
Exports of food and cultural items are becoming a major industry of Japan.
The ability to keep Food fresh to the destination airport, especially, cultural delicacies such as Seafood, Fruits, Sake etc. are a top priority to bring Japanese fine dining to many customers around the world to enjoy in which CN Logistics Japan are providing numerous logistical solutions on.


cean transport

Sea Freight

The mode of transportation by sea is the most adopted solution.
Our services covers Inter-Asia, Europe, North America, Caribbean, Central and South America, Middle East, and we are especially strong to & from Africa via our in depth knowledge & experience in this route.
Our unique point of view and the solutions we create differentiates us from the other forwarders, contributing on global procurement of goods, and providing the backbone supply chain management on behalf of our customers.

FCL or LCL, we always strive to find the right solution tailored to meet our customer requirements through a stable process, and as economical as it can be through cost saving.
Besides CY-CY services, we also offer the integrated solutions such as Door-CFS/Door–Door services.

CN Logistics (Japan) provides a “One stop service for project cargo transportation”, via the most suitable and safest methods, which is built upon a close study through meetings with the customers, to plan all stages of the logistical supply chain.

cean transport


Sea & Air multimodal Sea & Air multimodal

Sea & Air

In some countries or regions, the destination logistics infrastructure may not be as well-developed in comparison with that of the so-called gateway city logistics hub.
If the customers are not satisfied with their currect existing mode, route, cost performance, we can propose an alternative multimodal service, to optimize a quick & stable transportation at a lower cost.
For example, a precision machinery was to be shipped to a country in Africa but will miss the delivery date if shipped by ocean but it would exceed the budget of transportation cost if shipped by air.
To comply with the customers’ requirement, we proposed an alternative multimodal solution, shipping to a European gateway (major port) by ocean, and then transship the remaining journey by Air, achieving the advantages from both methods. Please feel free to contact us to know more.


Sea & Air multimodal


Cross Border

The development of Internet Technology has drastically changed our lifestyle, and the demand for e-Commerce is increasing exponentially every year, whether it be domestic or international cross borders.
The ‘Last Mile Delivery’, or convenient ‘Returning scheme’, motivates consumers to shop online because if can be more convenient than visiting stores, and the speedy yet reliable logistics behind the e-Commerce strategy is considered to be the key factor for success. Our goal is to be a best partner for e-Commerce Logistics, providing door to door services including the ‘Last Mile Delivery’, whilst continuously pursuing innovative solutions, keeping ahead of the times.




3PL-Third Party

‘ONE SCREEN CONTROL’ is to visualize the updated positions of their whole inventory located around the world, helping to formulate the timing & flow of inventory to its’ destination, by outsourcing to CN Logistics Japan, using its eWMS (Electronic Warehouse Management System), clients no longer need to enquire individual items one at a time.
We provide a high standard unitary managed logistics storage, inventory control, purchase order management, domestic distribution and by taking advantage of our global network; international transportation too.
Although we specialize in high end Fashion, we provide the Fulfillment services to a wide range of industries by pre-organizing the suitable methods of storage based on the customer’s merchandise, and we also install setting “KPI-Key Performance Indicators”, to monitor the Inventory In & Out management, pick & pack order fulfillment, and delivery locations & times.
Our 3PL service pursues accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency. Please feel free to contact us to know more.



Sustainable Development Goals


CN Logistics (Japan) Limited deals positively with the achievement of the SDGs.
It is our mission to contribute to the international society by creating a solution to solve the common problem in society.
Through the charity, using an environmentally responsible materials, transportation of Resources for recycling, providing Reverse Logistics solution such as collecting re-cycling items during our deliveries, we recognize our responsibility and endeavor for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Please feel free to contact us regarding this as we are open for discussion on how we work together on projects to increase & promote re-cycling, and reduce our Carbon Footprint together.


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CN Logistics (Japan) Limited, a subsidiary of CN Logistics international Holdings Limited, was established in 2017. We provide logistics services via airfreight, ocean freight, customs brokerage, domestic distribution, third party logistics, with the corporate value; “A Passion for Service “. The Group Network covers more than 100 countries, and we have been serving customers with quick & flexible services since our establishment.

CN Logistics’ Head Office is in Hong Kong, and is a core subsidiary of Cargo Service Far East Group established in 1990, it was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges and Clearing in 2020 (Stock Code: 2130.HK). CN Logistics (Japan) Limited and our dedicated staff shall further develop providing the best-in-class- service of ‘One Stop Service of Logistics’.

Company Name CN Logistics (Japan) Limited
Representative Director Ngan Tim Wing
Director Lau Shek Yau John
Director Liang Liang
Head Office 1st Floor,Nihonbashi-T&D Bldg, 12-20,Nihonbashi-Tomizawacho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-0006,Japan
Osaka Branch Office B2 Floor,Kandenfudosan UmedaShinmichi Bldg,1-1-5,Dojima,Kita-ku,Osaka-shi,Osaka 530-0003,Japan
Telephone 81-3-5843-6347
Established in February 2017
Paid Capital 50 million Japanese Yen
offices Tokyo, Osaka, Japan
Licenses and Affiliation IATA
JAFA – Japan Airfreight Forwarders Association
JIFFA – Japan International Freight Forwarders Association Inc.

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